Malliotakis, Massey … & Bo?

Republican mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis offered a gracious farewell to former rival Paul Massey today, but she has not yet received his endorsement or the endorsement of the two Republican County chairman and organizations that supported him.

Speaking at a press conference today in Dyker Heights at which Malliotakis highlighted a street with trash and debris, Malliotakis said that she was surprised by Massey’s withdrawal, that she called Massey and thanked him for “the good, spirited debate” they had shortly before Massey’s withdrawal and “wished him well.”  She also “thanked him for coming into the race and expressing ideas.”   Malliotakis has not yet received Massey’s endorsement, although it appears that she has asked him for it.  She expressed hope that “the whole Party will coalesce around me,” but said only that she hopes it will happen after completing petitioning.

I spoke with Queens County Republican Chairman Bob Turner this afternoon, who personally supported Massey and whose organization endorsed him.  Turner said that he was “shocked” by Massey’s withdrawal.  It’s not yet settled whether the Queens County GOP and Turner will endorse Malliotakis.  According to Turner the executive committee and district leaders will meet on July 17th to make that decision, with the options being endorsing Malliotakis, passing on any further endorsement or seeking another candidate.  While it seems unlikely that the Queens GOP would endorse Bo Dietl, Turner said that some in the organization remain interested in Dietl and that the idea is “not dead.”  (The math and timing are problematic, however, as it appears that the Staten Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn Republican committees are sticking with Malliotakis and the petitioning period is nearly over.)  Turner did not have any comment on his personal endorsement decision, saying that he plans to wait until after the executive committee and district leaders meet.  I’ve called Bronx Republican Chairman Mike Rendino, but have not spoken with him today.  I’ll update this report with any comment or reaction he provides.


Here’s what Malliotakis had to say this morning: