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Mayoral Mashup with Richard Ravitch

In our Mayoral Mashup, we talk with political and policy leaders about what they see as the most important issue facing New York City’s next mayor.

For this Mayoral Mashup, Richard Ravitch shares his view of the most important issue awaiting the next mayor.  (Hint:  Listen for “multi-billion dollar deficits”.)

Be sure to also watch our 5 Minutes with … Richard Ravitch discussing the State Budget Crisis Task Force and it’s Report on New York’s fiscal challenges.  You can watch it here.

5 Minutes With … Richard Ravitch

In our “5 Minutes With …” feature we spend 5 interesting minutes with leading elected officials and policy leaders.  In this “5 Minutes With …” segment we spoke with Richard Ravitch about the State Budget Crisis Task Force and New York State’s fiscal challenges.

Richard Ravitch has been a leader in state and city government finance for decades.  He was a pivotal figure in rescuing New York City during the fiscal crisis of the 1970s and has filled an extraordinary number of vital roles since then.  In 2011, Richard Ravitch and Paul Volcker organized, and co-chaired, the State Budget Crisis Task Force, with the goal of conducting an in-depth analysis of the financial condition of six large states.   (More background can be found here.)

The Task Force has now issued its report analyzing New York State’s daunting fiscal challenges. The State Budget Crisis Task Force, the New York Report and New York State’s fiscal challenges are the subject of our 5 Minutes With … Richard Ravitch.