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Nicole Malliotakis sought to take back the momentum in the Republican mayoral primary last night as she received the endorsement of her hometown Staten Island Republican Party, hoping to replace Masseymentum with Malliomentum.  Rival candidate Paul Massey had received the endorsement of the Bronx Republican Party the night before, for his second county organization endorsement.  Staten Island’s endorsement of Malliotakis was not a surprise, she’s a well-liked four term elected official, but it was nonetheless a welcome boost for Malliotakis.

A crowd of about 75 people gathered for the Staten Island party’s nominating convention, enthusiastically cheering their nominees.  Incumbent Borough President Jimmy Oddo and incumbent City Council Members Steve Matteo and Joe Borelli were among the nominees, each unanimously selected without any opposing candidates.  Michel Faulkner, who was not present, was endorsed for comptroller, also without opposition.  As reported by the Staten Island Advance’s Rachel Shapiro, (prior to my arrival) the Party endorsed J.C. Polanco for public advocate.

Malliotakis’s acceptance speech was a mix of campaign themes and a hometown address to fellow Staten Islanders.  She turned to a recent campaign theme, describing New Yorkers driven to leave the city as “economic refugees” and “quality of life refugees.”  Malliotakis also touched on familiar criticisms of Mayor de Blasio, saying that he “ties the hands of law enforcement” and ignores the will of City residents in areas such as his plan to build 90 shelters for the homeless and his newly adopted goal of replacing Rikers Island with jails throughout the City.

Malliotakis voiced a central theme of Staten Island politics; that the borough is shortchanged and “we have to fight together twice as much to get half as much.”  She criticized the mayor’s “five borough ferry plan” for excluding Staten Island, and said that the only thing Staten Island does get a fair share of is unwanted traffic cameras.

Malliotakis closed with promise to “bring a message of common sense and sanity” to the City and City Hall.


Here’s Malliotakis’s full acceptance speech:

Malliotakis On Bronx-Massey Endorsement

The Bronx Republican Party endorsed Paul Massey for mayor last night.   Bronx Republican Chairman Mike Rendino, a retired FDNY firefighter, said that the aftermath of the Manchester bombing inspired him to choose Paul Massey over Nicole Malliotakis.  Massey created and operated a commercial real estate brokerage business, but was never a first responder not involved in emergency management or government.

Mallitoakis dismissed that notion today, saying “it doesn’t really make a connection” and criticizing Massey for planning to attend the Puerto Rican Day Parade.  (The parade will honor Oscar Lopez Rivera, a member of the FALN who served 35 years in federal prison.)   Malliotakis described herself as supported by police unions, but didn’t offer any more direct criticism of Rendino’s choice.

Here’s what Malliotakis had to say today in Arrochar:

For background, here’s what Bronx Chairman Rendino had to say at last night’s endorsement press conference:

Massey On County Endorsements

Republican mayoral candidate Paul Massey professed indifference today about the looming endorsement decisions from the Manhattan, Bronx and Republican county organizations.  Manhattan Republican Chair Adele Malpass has said that Manhattan plans to meet Thursday for its endorsement decision and I understand that Brooklyn also plans a Thursday meeting.  Bronx Republican Chairman Mike Rendino said last week that he expects an endorsement meeting this week, although the precise day was unclear.  Queens County has already endorsed Massey.

It’s my view that Staten Island Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis has a strong chance of receiving some, or perhaps all, of the three looming endorsements.  While those endorsements are far from dispostive it would nonetheless be a sharp rebuke to Massey should he receive one or none of the three.  At a Bronx press conference today I asked Massey about what outcome  he expects and whether a poor showing would be worrying.  Here’s what he had to say (the groaning and creaking noises come from a barge moored just to Massey’s left):

Met Club Dinner

Mayoral candidates Paul Massey and Nicole Massey attended the Metropolitan Republican Club’s annual dinner Monday night, with each speaking separately and then doing a joint audience Q&A.  Such close engagement has been very limited so far in the mayoral campaign, with Massey and Malliotakis appearing together just twice.  In just one of those joint appearances, at a candidate forum hosted by the Manhattan Republican Party, did they engage before the audience.

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Urlich Fundraiser

The Bo Show rolled into Howard Beach Saturday afternoon, adding some sizzle to Eric Ulrich’s reelection campaign fundraiser.  Ulrich, who seriously pursued running for mayor before opting to run for a third and final term on the City Council, has endorsed Bo Dietl for mayor and Dietl returned the favor appearing at Ulrich’s fundraiser.  Dietl encountered fellow mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis and Queens County Republican Chairman Bob Turner, an early and enthusiastic backer of mayoral candidate Paul Massey.  Massey, who has been endorsed by Turner’s Queens County Republican organization, did not attend.  Continue reading Urlich Fundraiser

Malliotakis On Cuomo & MTA

Republican mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis has a generally positive view of Governor Andrew Cuomo, although she’s dismissive of his recent attempt to distance himself from the MTA.  Speaking Saturday during a visit to a reelection fundraiser held by Council Member Eric Ulrich, Malliotakis included several criticisms of Mayor Bill de Blasio in her comments on Cuomo and the MTA. Continue reading Malliotakis On Cuomo & MTA

Malliotakis Pitches Bronx GOP

Republican mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis spoke to the Bronx Republican Party Wednesday evening, seeking their forthcoming endorsement.   The Bronx Republicans are expected to make their mayoral endorsement next week and its a strong possibility that Malliotakis will get that endorsement over rival Paul Massey.

An audience of about 35 people listened attentively as Malliotakis spoke for about 10 minutes and then answered questions for about 20 minutes, pitching herself as having challenged Mayor de Blasio and other government powers and agencies.

An audience of about 35 people listened attentively as Malliotakis spoke for about 10 minutes and then answered questions for about 20 minutes, pitching herself as having challenged Mayor de Blasio and other government powers and agencies.

Bronx Republican Chairman Mike Rendino gave her a warm introduction, saying she’s the “future superstar mayor of New York City.”   Continue reading Malliotakis Pitches Bronx GOP

Candidates On Conservative Party Endorsement

The Conservative Party endorsed Nicole Malliotakis today, choosing her as their mayoral candidate over rival Paul Massey.  We spoke with each of them tonight about that endorsement, Malliotakis as she arrived in Throggs Neck for a meeting of the Bronx Republican Party and Massey as he departed a town hall with the Queens Public Transit Committee in South Ozone Park.  (Our pre-endorsement analysis outlining the process and outcome is here.) Continue reading Candidates On Conservative Party Endorsement

Conservative Party Nomination Preview

The Conservative Party is poised to select its mayoral candidate tomorrow.  Here’s a look at what’s likely to happen along with my prediction of the winning candidate.

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Queens GOP Dinner

Republican mayoral candidates Nicole Malliotakis and Paul Massey crossed paths at the Queens Republican Party’s Spring Dinner, working the crowd separately and each speaking during dinner Wednesday night.  In a bit of fortuitous timing Massey walked into the dinner as Malliotakis explained her late entry into the race as motivated by the fact that “I haven’t seen the passion, I haven’t seen the energy” from the other candidates.  That was as close as they came to any direct debate or confrontation, however.

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Conservative Party Nomination?

With a decision on the Conservative Party nomination for mayor expected in less than a week, Nicole Malliotakis’ prospects appear increasingly strong.  Last night the Queens County Conservative Party informally lined up behind Malliotakis after hosting her for a screening interview, according to Queens County Chairman Tom Long.  A formal vote by the Queens County Committee is not expected until May 18th, however.   (Our report from the recent Queens County Conservative Dinner is available here.) Continue reading Conservative Party Nomination?

Malliotakis Moving Massey Endorsements? (Updated)

At a City Hall press conference Friday Republican mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis suggested that she may cause a change in two significant endorsements received by rival candidate Paul Massey.  Massey has received the endorsement of the Queens Republican Party and Staten Island Assembly Member Ron Castorina.  Queens Republican Party Chairman Bob Turner was an early supporter of Massey and his Queens Republican Party endorsed Massey last week.  Castorina, expected to be elected chairman of the Staten Island Republican Party soon, was the first elected official to have endorsed a Republican mayoral candidate (our report from his February 22nd endorsement is available here).

Friday I asked Malliotakis how she plans to overcome Massey’s early advantages of the two endorsements and significant fundraising.  Before criticizing Massey Malliotakis addressed the endorsements, saying that “perhaps that will change now that I’m in the race.”

Continue reading Malliotakis Moving Massey Endorsements? (Updated)

Malliotakis Kickoff

Republican mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis held a campaign kickoff press conference Friday at City Hall.  Malliotakis became a candidate and began campaigning about two weeks ago, so the news in her appearance comes from her comments rather the fact of her candidacy.

In her fourth term in the New York State Assembly, and one of only seven New York City Republicans holding city or state office,  Malliotakis is fairly well-known to New York City Republicans.  She’s a fairly late entry in the race, but with an established Staten Island electoral base and a fair amount of name recognition among City Republicans she’s an immediately viable candidate.

Malliotakis fielded a wide range of press questions, covering her candidacy and prospects and rival Paul Massey, City policing and crime, her recent condemnation of Linda Sarsour, the American Health Care Act, Mayor de Blasio and her position on continuing to allow carriage horses to operate.


Opening statement: