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Cuomo Skips Ahead

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s political focus skipped ahead a year as he and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi hosted a rally focused on 2018 House of Representatives elections.  Tuesday afternoon saw Cuomo turn away from more immediate concerns, such as the looming end of the state legislative session and the 2017 election that will include a New York City mayoral election and a statewide ballot question of whether to convene a state constitutional convention.  Instead he joined six current New York Democratic House members, former Rep. Charles B. Rangel and former Rep. (and current Lieutenant Governor) Kathy Hochul in urging a crowd of 500 or so to work toward electing a Democratic House majority in 2018.  Continue reading Cuomo Skips Ahead

Faso on 2014

We spoke briefly with John Faso about the 2014 gubernatorial race and how it compares to Faso’s race as the Republican gubernatorial nominee in 2006.  Faso, then an Assembly Member from Columbia County, faced many of the same challenges that Rob Astorino faces this year; including limited name recognition, a widely known and popular opponent holding statewide office and a dramatic money gap.  Faso was unable to really ever get traction, and lost to Eliot Spitzer by more than 30 percentage points.

We spoke with Faso at the New York State Business Council conference, just before Astorino addressed the group.  I began by asking what he sees in terms of both similarities and differences between his 2006 race and Astorino’s current campaign.  Faso offered an interesting set of differences, while recognizing the steep odds facing Astorino.