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Photo Highlights of The Decade

As the decade rolls to an end we’ve compiled a brief photographic retrospective with a few of our favorite photos of the 2010s.

Political foes Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo shake hands, seemingly at the urging of RWDSU’s Stuart Appelbaum, as they march in the 2016 Labor Day Parade. 9/10/16

Our decade highlight gallery is available here.

Our focus is on New York politics, both city and state, but the gallery includes other shots of New York.  Among the campaigns we’ve covered are the 2013 and 2017 mayoral races, the 2014 and 2018 gubernatorial races, congressional primaries in 2014, 2016 and 2018, the 2016 New Hampshire Republican presidential primary and the 2019 public advocate special election. began in late 2012, with mostly video and little photography in 2012 and 2013, so this is a somewhat truncated decade retrospective that covers 2014-2019.

Special Bonus – Unabridged Gallery:

For those of you who really love New York politics we have an expanded decade retrospective gallery with lots of great shots that didn’t make it into the decade highlight gallery.  Take a look, and a walk down memory lane, here.

We’ve included a few 2013 iPhone shots in a brief addendum at the end of the expanded gallery.

Our 2019 year in photos is available here.

All of our photo galleries are available here.

2014 – Year In Photos

From Bill Clinton swearing in Bill de Blasio on the steps of City Hall as 2014 began

Former President Bill Clinton administers the oath of office to Mayor Bill de Blasio. 1/1/14
Former President Bill Clinton administers the oath of office to Mayor Bill de Blasio. 1/1/14

to U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara looking at Andrew Cuomo as 2014 ended

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara (back of head to camera) looks toward Governor Andrew Cuomo as the funeral for NYPD Detective Rafael Ramos concludes. 12/27/14
U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara (back of head to camera) looks toward Governor Andrew Cuomo as the funeral for NYPD Detective Rafael Ramos concludes. 12/27/14

we have a photo gallery of 2014 in New York Politics.

Click here to view it. Continue reading 2014 – Year In Photos

Teachout & Cuomo: The Prequel

Zephyr Teachout’s attempt to say hello to Andrew Cuomo at the Labor Day Parade on Saturday September 6th, drew a great deal of negative attention for Governor Cuomo.  Cuomo later denied seeing Teachout or deliberately ignoring her, but in this newly published video Cuomo appears to notice Teachout and advise his chief aide of Teachout’s presence. Continue reading Teachout & Cuomo: The Prequel

Cuomo, Klein, Republicans

As the state senate Republican conference holds its first post-election meeting, incoming majority leader Dean Skelos announced that he anticipates another cooperative agreement with Jeff Klein and his Independent Democratic Conference.  Here’s a brief flashback to a long-ago (pre-primary) Klein campaign rally featuring Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Full coverage of that September 7th rally is here.

Astorino Election Night Speech

Rob Astorino conceded in the race for governor Tuesday night.  He gave his concession speech in a White Plains hotel, before an audience of 200-300 supporters.  He sounded themes he focused on during his campaign; a poor economic outlook for much of the state, Albany corruption and high property taxes among them.  He strongly suggested that he will seek a continuing role in statewide politics.

Here is his full concession speech:

Cuomo Votes

Governor and multi-party candidate for reelection Andrew Cuomo and girlfriend Sandra Lee voted today near their home in Mount Kisco.  They arrived to a loud welcome from a large contingent of visitors, about 20 anti-fracking protestors and about 75-100 pro-Cuomo demonstrators.  The pro-Cuomo demonstrators appeared to mostly be union members, from 1199 SEIU and the Hotel Trades Council.

After they voted under the watchful eyes of a media swarm, Cuomo spoke with the press. Cuomo and Lee then added an extra item to their voting stop; walking down and greeting their supporters.

Press Q&A:

Question topics included what he’ll say to Rob Astorino if he bumps into him locally, what he has to say to the anti-fracking protestors, what was most surprising in the campaign, whether he’ll be disappointed if he wins by 10 points rather the 20 points that public polls predict, for whom and on what line he and Lee voted, what he’ll do to affect the state senate leadership should there not be any single majority conference, what he’ll do in a second term concerning state mandates to local governments and what effect Republican control of the United States Senate will have on New York and his administration in a second term.

After this Q&A Cuomo went to talk with a large crowd gathered outside – watch.

Astorino Votes

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino, joined by his wife and three young children, voted this morning near his home in Hawthorne.

Press Q&A:

After Astorino and his wife voted he spoke with the press.  Among the question topics were his plans for the remainder of election day, what was most surprising in his campaign, public polls showing him substantially behind, whether his family is happy that the campaign is over and what he thinks voters care about most.

Cuomo’s Astorino Attacks Evolve

Here’s an analytical look at Governor Cuomo’s campaign speech today and a recent evolution in his attacks against Republican opponent Rob Astorino.  (Our full coverage of today’s Cuomo campaign rally in Times Square is here.)

Governor Cuomo gave a fiery speech today at his Times Square rally, attacking Republicans and what he described as the “hate” used by Republicans to “try to divide us.”  His speech differed from his usual stump speech, however, largely omitting discussion of his record in office.  He briefly mentioned marriage equality and raising the minimum wage, but otherwise omitted discussing his record.  There was no mention of passing on-time budgets, taming Albany dysfunction or hopes of passing the Dream Act, topics that are a big part of his stump speech.  He did discuss the “Women’s Bill of Rights,” usually referred to as the “Women’s Equality Agenda”, but gave that shorter attention than usual.  Cuomo instead focused on what he described as the importing of “hate” used by Washington, D.C. Republicans to New York.  On this his speech also reflected a recent evolution, as he’s more forcefully adopted that attack line of equating Astorino with the more angry and hateful Republican national voices. Continue reading Cuomo’s Astorino Attacks Evolve

Cuomo Concludes; Chapter 1 (Updated)

Today Governor Andrew Cuomo brought his campaign to a close with three rallies across the state.  He kicked off the day in Manhattan with a very large labor-driven rally at the edge of Times Square.  The rally marked Cuomo’s first 2014 campaign appearance with both Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, each of whom are also up for reelection tomorrow.  Kathy Hochul, multi-party candidate for lieutenant governor, was also part of the rally.  Held out on 7th Avenue, the rally stretched at least two blocks (visible to me), with the Cuomo campaign reporting that the rally went for four blocks.

It was a strong showing in support of the four statewide candidates, with many of the leading names in New York’s labor movement speaking.  Among them were George Gresham of SEIU 1199, Stuart Appelbaum of RWDSU, Gary LaBarbera of the Building & Construction Trades Council, Hector Figueroa of 32BJ and Peter Ward of the Hotel Trades Council.

Left unsaid by the labor leaders and candidates, however, was which party or ballot line they’re urging their supporters to choose in voting for all four candidates.  All four are Democrats who also appear on the Working Families Party, Independence Party and Women’s Equality Party ballot lines.  Cuomo has energetically pushed the “Women’s Equality Party”, a ballot line he created this year.  Many see that effort as attempt to draw votes away from the Working Families Party, which counts many of the same unions appearing today as it’s core constituency.

Musical Adaptation:

With the rally held a stone’s throw from the theaters of Broadway, it seemed fitting that Hector Figueroa set part of his rally speech to music.

Update – Cuomo Speech:

Governor Cuomo gave a fiery speech today, harshly attacking Republicans who use “hate” to “try to divide us”.  Our full analysis is here.  Here’s his full speech:

Update #2 – Highlights:

Here’s our highlight reel:

Astorino In Glendale

As the 2014 campaign heads toward completion, Republican Rob Astorino made several New York City campaign stops today.  We spoke with Astorino in Glendale and asked him about Democrats heavy focus on a remark by Republican Assembly Member, and Astorino supporter, Steve McLaughlin referring to New York City voters as too “lazy” to vote and about Governor Cuomo’s assertion that he will not let Republican “hate” divide New York.