5 Minutes With … Gina Raimondo

In our “5 Minutes With …” feature we spend 5 interesting minutes with leading elected officials and policy leaders.  In this “5 Minutes With …” segment we spoke with Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island State Treasurer, on the topic of pension reform.

When Gina Raimondo took office in 2011, Rhode Island had one of the weakest state pension systems in the country.  Gina Raimondo’s approach in seeking major changes was markedly different from that of many other elected officials around the country, as illustrated by her comment that “we took a tone of no finger pointing, no blame, no nasty divisive rhetoric … [and] my mantra was ‘this is math, not politics.'”

How she moved her state from inertia to action to dramatically change the Rhode Island state pension system is the focus of our “5 Minutes With … Gina Raimondo”.

Worth Watching

Nixonian tactics by a powerful state agency conducting improper tax audits of its own staff?  A rogue unit of state tax investigators stealing seized funds?  It’s not immediately clear whether either of these is accurate, but according to James Odato‘s very interesting story in today’s Times Union at least one of them may be true.

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