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Cuomo In Oakdale (Updated)

Governor Andrew Cuomo hosted a Sandy-themed presentation at the Oakdale campus of St. Johns University this afternoon, along with Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, Congressman Tim Bishop, Southhampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst, Environmental Facilities Corp. President Matt Driscoll, Stony Brook University Samuel Stanley and DEC Commissioner Joe Martens.  The presentation described Sandy-related projects underway, including a $380 million project to improve the sewer service in Suffolk, $880 million to improve the Bay Park sewage treatment plant in Nassau County and a newly-announced project to conduct research on nitrogen loading.

Press Q&A:

Contrary to his recent gaggles, Ebola was only a modest part of the gaggle.  Sandy figured prominently in the questions and in his opening statement.  Here is Governor Cuomo’s full Q&A session with press:

Update – Ebola Excerpts:

The gaggle featured three Ebola-related questions.  The first was whether there is confusion concerning the evolving quarantine policy and whether there is any “daylight” between New York and New Jersey on that policy, the second asked whether he’s concerned about differing CDC and state policies and whether those differing policies send a “mixed message.”  The final Ebola question concerned travelers “grabbing a connecting flight” and how the quarantine policy will apply to them.

Cuomo essentially repeated his points of yesterday, asserting that his policy has been consistent as “announced” on Friday and later “detailed.”  He noted that the United States Army has adopted a 21 day isolation policy for soldiers returning from the Ebola zone and, pointedly observing that the CDC has yet issue a policy, asserted that the “CDC should talk to the Army … and work it out with them first.”

Concerning the question of whether or how passengers transiting through the Port Authority airports (and presumably meeting the other quarantine policy standards) will be treated, Cuomo replied “that’s gonna then depend on the jurisdiction, the home jurisdiction.”  It’s unclear what he meant or whether the Port Authority has a clear policy for dealing with such passengers.

This video excerpt has the three Ebola-related questions and answers:

Cuomo Pushes School Bond Proposal

Governor Andrew Cuomo today promoted the proposed $2 billion school bond issue appearing on the November ballot.  Cuomo created a “Smart Schools Commission” in April to advise on how to spend the $2 billion proceeds of the proposed bond issue, and the commission formally delivered it’s report to the governor today.

The discussion at the commission’s presentation was all about technology in schools, with the greatest emphasis on broadband access.  The ballot proposition, if approved, would also permit using the bond proceeds “[t]o construct, enhance, and modernize educational facilities to accommodate pre-kindergarten programs and provide instructional space to replace transportable classroom units” and “[t]o install high-tech security features in school buildings and on school campuses.”  According to allocations posted on the governor’s website (which list the amounts for every school district) New York City will receive $783 million of the $2 billion bond proceeds.

After each of the commission members made remarks, Governor Cuomo spoke about the commission and ballot proposal.  Here are his remarks, albeit with his introductory comments omitted.

Ed Mangano:

Governor Cuomo gave an enthusiastic introduction of Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano.  A Republican, Mangano crossed party lines to endorse Cuomo for reelection and star in a TV commercial for Cuomo.  Cuomo is, of course, running against another Republican county executive.  Mangano has twice defeated Democrat Tom Suozzi, an erstwhile Cuomo electoral rival.