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Blake Adds Endorsements

Assembly Member Michael Blake rolled out additional endorsements Thursday, announcing support from fellow Bronx elected officials.  NYS Senator Luis Sepulveda, Assembly Member Nathalie Fernandez and Council Member Rafael Salamanca appeared with Blake on the steps of the Bronx County Civil Courthouse.  Campaign co-chair Nathalie Molina Nino also joined them, with Molina Nino MC’g the press conference.

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Photo Gallery: Bronx GOTV

Bronx Democrats including House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, state senate candidate Alessandra Biaggi, incumbent NYS Senator Jamaal Bailey and incumbent Assembly Member Nathalia Fernandez held a joint pre-election GOTV rally.  The rally had the air of a business meeting, with volunteers attentively listening to pre-election direction and encouragement.  The audience was especially drawn to Ocasio-Cortez, with candidate doing a lengthy meet and greet after a press Q&A.

Photo Gallery:

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