Peanut Is The Culprit


“Peanut is the culprit” said mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis, ruefully smiling as she described how she broke her toe Tuesday morning.  Malliotakis described how Peanut, her beloved chihuahua, was lying in her path at home and Malliotakis kicked the base of a table as she tried to move around Peanut.

With two weeks remaining until election day it’s an inopportune time for such an injury.  Malliotakis made the best of it Tuesday, noting that she had a hairline fracture in her other foot during her 2010 campaign in which she unseated a Democratic incumbent.  While describing her injury she stood and swung her boot-clad injured foot, declaring “the good news is I’m ready to give the boot to Mayor de Blasio.”

Malliotakis spoke at an appearance in Middle Village, as she received the endorsement of former New York State senator Serph Maltese and several local Italian-American civic leaders.

Here’s what Malliotakis had to say:

Dietl’s Closing Money

As we’ve reported independent mayoral candidate Bo Dietl’s fundraising has dramatically slowed in the past two months, with Dietl reporting $163,000 on hand as of October 2nd.  He loaned his campaign $100,000 in July and has often said he’s prepared to put more of his own money into his campaign.

He wouldn’t commit to a particular amount today, although it seems clear he’ll put an equivalent or greater amount in to fund $100,000 of TV ads that he said will air next week, saying “that’s gonna be from my little pockets and we got a lot more cash where that comes from, too.”  He also criticized rival candidates Bill de Blasio and Nicole Malliotakis for accepting taxpayer money via the City’s campaign finance matching funds program.  He tossed in a little shade at Malliotakis’ recent ad featuring a disembodied hand flicking a lighter and rolled into his conclusion by declaring that Mayor de Blasio is “sleazatatious,” all without declaring what amount he’s prepared to into his campaign.

Here’s our exchange:

Dietl On Low Poll #s

Recent public polls have put Bo Dietl a distant fourth behind mayor and Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio, Republican/Conservative candidate Nicole Malliotakis and Reform Party candidate Sal Albanese, with Dietl drawing just 6% in a recent Quinnipiac University poll and tied with Albanese at 5% in a recent Marist poll.

I asked Dietl about those low poll numbers and what he thinks he can do to improve his standing in the 19 days remaining.  His primary response was that the polls were conducted before last week’s mayoral debate (true) and that his debate appearance and upcoming TV ads have and will greatly increase awareness of his campaign, with that awareness expected to translate into support.

Here’s our exchange:

Note:  In my question I referred to polls released “last week.”  Both the Quinnipiac and Marist polls were released the week before last,  on October 5th.

Malliotakis Press Conference – Illegal Home Conversions

Republican/Conservative mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis held a City Hall press conference today to promise enhanced enforcement efforts against illegal home conversions.  Such conversions of homes generally consists of taking lawfully occupied homes and greatly increasing the number of residents by adding unlawful walls and dividers to create multiple tiny living spaces without sufficient exits, ventilation or plumbing and electric service.  Some neighborhoods have a high density of such illegally converted homes, with the residents often undocumented immigrants.  There are laws prohibiting such actions, but the City’s enforcement has not kept up with the growth of such converted homes.

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Dietl Debate Analysis

Run a tighter ship was the essence of Bo Dietl’s advice for the hosts and organizers of the upcoming and final mayoral candidate debate.  Dietl confirmed today that he’ll be in the second debate.   Republican/Conservative candidate Nicole Malliotakis has not yet met the fundraising threshold for an invitation to the debate, although she expressed optimism on Tuesday that she’ll do so.  We spoke with Dietl today during a press conference focused on the Department of Education.  Continue reading Dietl Debate Analysis

Mayoral Candidates (Gasp) Support The Yankees

Two New York City mayoral candidates today voiced support for the New York Yankees while bashing Boston-bred rival de Blasio.  Republican/Conservative candidate Nicole Malliotakis and independent candidate Bo Dietl held separate press conferences in close time and space proximity today, Malliotakis focused on fighting illegal home conversions and Dietl focused on the Department of Education, with both additionally addressing the Yankees’ playoff success and Mayor de Blasio’s increasing candor on his Red Sox fandom and its intrinsic Yankees rejection.

Malliotakis gave the most memorable line, “I believe that you’ll have two underdogs winning this year, the New York Yankees and Nicole Malliotakis,” adding that it’s “unconscionable to me that any mayor would not support the home team.”  Dietl offered harsher words, urging Mayor de Blasio to “just leave, go back to Boston” and saying “he despises the Yankees because … he doesn’t like New York City.”

Here’s what Malliotakis and Dietl had to say:

Malliotakis In El Barrio

Republican/Conservative mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis rolled into El Barrio for a brief stop, holding a press conference today at the “Lucky Corner” of 116th Street and Lexington Avenue.  Dubbed the “Lucky Corner” after Fiorillo LaGuardia held election eve rallies there before his mayoral victories.  It’s a popular spot with candidates, both for its legend of luck and for its high foot traffic.

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SBA Endorses Malliotakis

The Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) endorsed Republican/Conservative mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis today, giving Malliotakis her first union endorsement.  It was a welcome boost for Malliotakis as election day looms exactly three weeks away. The SBA has supported Malliotakis with campaign contributions throughout her Assembly career and made an early contribution of $4,900 to her mayoral campaign, just shy of the legal maximum of $4,950. Continue reading SBA Endorses Malliotakis

SBA President On Dietl

Today the Sergeants Benevolent Association endorsed Nicole Malliotakis for mayor.  Among the rival candidates the SBA passed over was a retired colleague, former NYPD detective Bo Dietl.  When I asked SBA President Ed Mullins about passing on Dietl he offered a kind word, saying he considered Dietl a friend, but had little else to say about Dietl.  Mullins offered the conclusion that Malliotakis would be better for the members of the NYPD and for the people of New York City and noted her enthusiasm and engagement with the SBA, but didn’t offer any detailed description of the SBA’s decision to pass on Dietl.

Photo Gallery: de Blasio In Sunnyside

Mayor Bill de Blasio visited the Sunnyside Greenmarket Saturday afternoon, greeting shoppers at the outdoor market on a mild afternoon.  He was guided by Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, who represents the area.

Arriving 30 minutes late, the mayor spent close to 30 minutes working his way through a block-long open air market.  It was reasonably busy, but not overcrowded.  It appeared that the people the mayor greeted were shoppers who happened to be there and not part of an organized group or rally.  He received a very cordial welcome, with many people eager to shake his hand and get a photo. Some people asked him to take action (on the subway, for example), but I didn’t hear any hostile comments or rejection of his entreaties to vote for him on November 7th.

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Republican Candidates Pledge Civil Debates

Republican candidate for public advocate J.C.Polanco and Republican candidate for comptroller Michel Faulkner each pledged that their respective debates this week will be far more civil and controlled than last week’s mayoral debate.  That debate has been widely criticized for its raucous tone.  Speaking just ahead of a Queens County Republican “unity breakfast” Saturday both candidates criticized the mayoral debate and expressed confidence that their debates will be different.  Polanco and Faulkner debate their respective Democratic opponent this week. Continue reading Republican Candidates Pledge Civil Debates