Wilson-Pakula For Dietl?

Bo Dietl held a campaign kick-off press conference today on the steps of City Hall for his quixotic mayoral campaign, moving forward after a muffed attempt at shifting his party registration from Republican to Democratic.  Dietl, who initially wanted to challenge Mayor de Blasio in the Democratic primary, ended up as a man without a party after the Board of Elections rejected the form he submitted as improperly completed.  Dietl now plans to run on a self-created ballot line, “New York Cares.”

Under New York election law candidates may seek to run on the line of a party that they’re not registered in only with the permission of the party, granted via a “Wilson-Pakula” waiver.  I’ve heard that some Republican party leaders are considering offering Dietl a Wilson-Pakula and asked him about it today.  Here’s what he had to say: