Photo Gallery: Malliotakis In Chinatown

Republican/Conservative mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis visited Chinatown Thursday afternoon, working the lunch crowd at a large restaurant, visiting a Buddhist temple, an American Legion post and the Lin Sing Association in a 90 minute visit.  Malliotakis also did two separate press Q&A sessions, briefly outside the Joy Luck Palace restaurant on Mott Street and a lengthier session at the Lin Sing Association.

Malliotakis was well-received on her visit, with diners at Joy Luck Palace visibly excited as she worked the room.  It appeared that for many of those diners it was the prospect that the next mayor was with them, rather than any particular support for Malliotakis, that excited them.

In her press Q&As Malliotakis discussed her 2015 visit to China, professing affection for China and its people.  Her Assembly district does not have a particularly large Chinese-American population but it does abut an Assembly district that includes the large Chinese-American population in Sunset Park.

Photo Gallery:

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