Pace Staten Shorum

Political peace ruled the shore, both East and South, of Staten Island this morning as mayoral candidate and Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis and Council Member Joe Borelli held a cordial City Hall press conference.  It’s been reported (such as this report by Anna Sanders in the Staten Island Advance) that the two Staten Island Republicans, who represent overlapping districts, have a poor relationship and Borelli had not previously joined his fellow Staten Island Republicans in endorsing Malliotakis for mayor.  Council Member Borelli previously served in the state assembly alongside Malliotakis.

“I endorse Nicole” interjected Borelli as I asked about his lack of an endorsement, repeating it once I stopped speaking.  Saying he’s “a confrontational person” Borelli described their relationship as being like siblings who fight while home but present a united front to the outside world.  He concluded by making clear his preference for Malliotakis over incumbent Bill de Blasio.