Malliotakis Pledges Property Tax Review

Republican/Conservative mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis pledged to examine the City’s property tax system promptly after taking office.  Speaking at a City Hall press conference with fellow Staten Island Republican and Council Member Joe Borelli, Malliotakis pledged to appoint a commission within 60 days of taking office, with a goal of producing changes to the complex property tax system in the City that’s widely viewed as uneven and inequitable.

Malliotakis cited the example of her own property taxes compared to Mayor de Blasio’s.  As often mentioned by Malliotakis on the campaign trail de Blasio owns two Brooklyn homes with a significantly higher assessed value than Malliotakis’s Staten Island home, yet pays less than Malliotakis in property taxes.

In extensive questioning Malliotakis said that she’s focused only on addressing residential, and not commercial property taxes.  She also did not fully respond to the question of accepting future limitations on the City’s ability to raise property taxes, which is the only tax revenue source under the City’s control.


Here is Malliotakis’ full press conference: