Massey On County Endorsements

Republican mayoral candidate Paul Massey professed indifference today about the looming endorsement decisions from the Manhattan, Bronx and Republican county organizations.  Manhattan Republican Chair Adele Malpass has said that Manhattan plans to meet Thursday for its endorsement decision and I understand that Brooklyn also plans a Thursday meeting.  Bronx Republican Chairman Mike Rendino said last week that he expects an endorsement meeting this week, although the precise day was unclear.  Queens County has already endorsed Massey.

It’s my view that Staten Island Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis has a strong chance of receiving some, or perhaps all, of the three looming endorsements.  While those endorsements are far from dispostive it would nonetheless be a sharp rebuke to Massey should he receive one or none of the three.  At a Bronx press conference today I asked Massey about what outcome  he expects and whether a poor showing would be worrying.  Here’s what he had to say (the groaning and creaking noises come from a barge moored just to Massey’s left):