Kasich Continues

Kasich - Keene, NH 12-29-15Ohio governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich continues campaigning vigorously in New Hampshire, holding on to possibility but not yet moving into the top group of Trump alternatives.  Kasich, heavily focused on New Hampshire, closed out 2015 with two New Hampshire town halls Tuesday, in Nashua and Keene.

Drawing respectable audiences of 50-60 people on a slick snowy day Kasich worked his basic message on both groups.  (Jeb Bush cited weather in canceling a town hall midway between Kasich’s two appearances.)  He touts his substantial experience in both federal and state office (as a member of the House and as Ohio governor), with a focus on fiscal accomplishments in both.  He also preaches a more moderate tone than many of his rivals, emphatically saying that legislative successes depend on working cooperatively with Democrats.


He often connects well with his audiences, listening to their questions and engaging in conversation.  He veers off into some disconnected, even awkward, moments though.  In Nashua he let loose with a seeming genuine rant about the dangers of drugs.  All true and all good advice but his audience, including the college-age questioner who prompted it, is well-aware of that truth and his rumbling ruminations added little to their views.  In Keene Kasich gleefully noted that he was headed to directly to Florida for a family vacation, with warm-weather golfing scheduled for the next day.  It seemed a bit odd as a selling point to New Hampshirites settling in to the beginnings of winter.

Town Hall Video:

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Photo Gallery:  Our photo gallery of both town halls is here.