John Liu Discusses the NY Times Investigation (Updated)

At last night’s Democratic mayoral candidate forum, hosted by the Asian American Federation, John Liu was asked: “Do you think the New York Times was right in investigating your campaign finances as vigorously as it did?”

Liu tried to make nice with the Times, laying blame on federal prosecutors, but then said that the Times was “in bed with the federal government … they were being fed by the Feds”.  He also asserts that “not a single fake donor has been established other than the ones that were the result of an FBI undercover agent … tricking and deceiving his way into my campaign.”

Somewhat surprisingly, Liu received a nice but not overwhelming audience welcome.  Whether the attendees were merely restrained in their applause or whether they were not strongly supportive of Liu should be revealed today.  The Federation conducted a straw poll after the forum and we’ll bring you the results later today.

My apologies for the poor sound quality.

The Federation held a Republican mayoral candidate forum last week – coverage is here and here.

Update:  Straw poll results are in.  Liu – 54%, de Blasio – 29%, Albanese – 13%, Quinn – 2%, Thompson – 2%.