Dietl & Massey Dine

He’s gone from melba toast to movie star.  Mayoral candidate Bo Dietl was harshly dismissive of rival candidate Paul Massey during Massey’s campaign, deriding him as “melba toast”, bland and dry.  Last night, however, Dietl said that he had dinner Monday evening with former candidate Massey and that Massey now “looks like a movie star, nice and tan.”

“I don’t care” Dietl shrugged when I asked if Massey will endorse him.  Dietl separately said that he hasn’t asked for Massey’s endorsement and that Massey hasn’t offered it.  It’s notable, however, that Massey has not endorsed his former Republican rival, Nicole Malliotakis.

I spoke with Dietl as he departed from a campaign appearance at Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village – here’s what he had to say: