de Blasio Press Q&A: The Veterans Day Parade Edition (Updated x 2)

Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke with the press this afternoon, following his march up Fifth Avenue in the Veterans Day Parade.  After an opening statement on his own family’s experience in dealing with his father’s physical and emotional wounds from World War II combat and the broader shortfalls in government aid for veterans, de Blasio answered questions.  Question topics included why he agreed to a $41 million settlement in the Central Park 5 case, whether he would like the state legislature to have a special session in November or December, what he spoke about today with Ray Kelly, whether he would like to see state laws concerning marijuana possession changed, the release from quarantine of Ebola patient Dr. Craig Spencer and whether Governor Cuomo was invited to the press conference this morning as Dr. Spencer was released from Bellevue, whether he supports a proposed City Council bill which would ban cell phone use while biking and his recent conversation with and view of IDC leader Sen. Jeff Klein.

Update – Jeff Klein:

I asked the mayor about his recent conversation with IDC leader Sen. Jeff Klein.  de Blasio emphasized Klein’s interest in addressing a “very serious agenda” which includes a minimum wage increase, the Dream Act, campaign finance reform and the Women’s Equality Act.  When I asked whether he’s disappointed by Klein’s reported readiness to again align his Independent Democratic Conference with the senate Republican Conference, de Blasio responded “I don’t like to speak in terms of joy or disappointment or personalities … I care about the outcome.”

Update #2 – Central Park 5 Settlement:

Mayor de Blasio was asked about the Central Park 5 settlement and news reports that City lawyers objected to the $41 million settlement amount.