The Forgotten Parties

Governor Andrew Cuomo has campaigned actively on only two of his four ballot lines; the Democratic Party and Women’s Equality Party lines, publicly ignoring the Independence and Working Families Party lines.

At recent press Q&A’s I’ve asked Cuomo about his two neglected lines.  When I asked him what the Independence Party means to him, Cuomo replied “just what it says” and then launched into a description of his four ballot lines.  On Saturday, at a Women’s Equality Party rally, I asked Cuomo whether he plans to campaign actively on the Working Families Party Line.  “I’m campaigning actively, that’s what I’m doing out here.”  When I noted that he’s appeared at Democratic Party and Women’s Equality Party events and began to ask if he plans to appear at any Independence or Working Families Party events, he replied “people can vote for me on any line that they want to vote for me.”