Teachout & Wu Conclude (Updated x 3)

Tuesday brought the Democratic primaries for governor and lieutenant governor to a close.  Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu, defeated by Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul, hosted their supporters at an election night party in Hell’s Kitchen.

We spoke with each them after their speeches.


I began by asking Teachout whether she had spoken with Andrew Cuomo and whether she plans to endorse or support him in the general election.


I began by asking Wu for any overriding or impression from the campaign, as well as any disappointments.  I also asked whether he had called Kathy Hochul to concede.

(Continue reading for full speeches by Zephyr Teachout, Tim Wu and Bertha Lewis.)

Update – Teachout Speech:

Here is Zephyr Teachout’s full speech.

Update #2 – Wu Speech:

Here is Tim Wu’s full speech.

Update #3 – Lewis Speech:

Here is Bertha Lewis’s full speech.

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