“Outer” Boroughs No More: May the Major Boroughs Prevail


Let us shed the term “outer boroughs” and enable the Major Boroughs to proclaim their rightful dominance in city politics.

“Outer Boroughs” has long been used as a shorthand reference to everything non-Manhattan.  Implicit in the moniker is their lesser status, away from the true center of all things worthy, and dependent on the “inner” borough for support.  Like workers in the field, they are expected to wait for beneficence to be sent out from inside the castle wall.

The four “outer” Boroughs are, however, anything but.  They are the majority in number, the majority in population, the majority in land area, the majority in the number of elected representatives, the majority in, well, just about everything.  In short, as the majority in everything except media company headquarters and hot air, they are truly the Major Boroughs.

As a final point, the moniker might make sense if it were actually true.  A quick glance at a map immediately tells you that it is not.  Manhattan, of course, is on the western side of New York City, and not surrounded or enclosed by it’s sister boroughs.  Although claimed by many, it appears that the geographic center is in Bushwick (sorry Woodside) and the population center of the city is in Maspeth.

To test this, repeat the following:  “Please let the outer boroughs  . . .” – you feel the thin, plaintive plea as you speak.  Say “the Major Boroughs will . . .” and you feel the power of majority.

Note to citywide candidates:  Be the first to proclaim yourself the Major Borough Candidate and to speak for the people of the Major Boroughs (assuming you really are, that is).  When the Major Boroughs power you to victory over your Manhattan competition, remember me in your inaugural address.

~     John Kenny