No Mayor Moskowitz

IMG_4903Mayor Moskowitz?  Nope, at least not in 2018.  Success Academy Charter Schools founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz today announced that she will not run for mayor in 2017.  Moskowitz, a former City Council member who ran for Manhattan Borough President in 2005, has long had an interest in being mayor and she’s been deeply engaged with New York City and State government in her current role.  She’s been among a small group of potential 2017 mayoral candidates discussed in political circles and the press.

Moskowitz arrived early and alone, waiting for several minutes as a lectern was located and the press gathered.  Once a lectern was produced and the press in place Moskowitz told her audience that she is “not running for mayor in 2017.”  She dismissed any concerns about “winnability”, instead insisting that she’s idealistic and hopes to continue to have the opportunity to “dramatically change education.”

Although Moskowitz arrived alone she had company for her comments.  As she spoke protesters in City Hall Park shouted and chanted, trying to drown her out.  Two longtime Moskowitz critics, Billy Easton and Bertha Lewis stood with the press, listening as Moskowitz spoke and immediately stepping to the lectern when she was finished.

Moskowitz answered about a dozen questions, with topics including whether there is any potential mayoral candidate who embodies what she wants in a candidate, whether she plans on being involved in the 2017 election, why she is “such a lightning rod” for criticism,  obstacles ahead, the City’s pre-K program, whether she’ll run for office at another time, whether she reflexively criticizes all education-related actions of Mayor de Blasio, whether she’s concerned that her influence on state government will diminish because of her decision, discipline and suspension polices at Success Academy schools, her plans for other projects and her view on potential mayoral candidacies of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

Here’s video of the complete press conference: