Nixon Underground

Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon continued her campaign focus on the subway, visiting the Upper West Side’s 72nd Street station for a brief press conference and some voter contact Tuesday.

In her press Q&A Nixon expressed disappointment at the “take it or leave it” circumstance around a debate with Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Shortly before Nixon’s appearance Cuomo was reported to have “accepted” a debate invitation from WCBS TV, with the terms of the debate set solely between Cuomo and WCBS with no Nixon involvement.  Among the terms set by Cuomo was that the candidates would be seated, prompting Nixon to characterize is as “tush to tush,” rather “toe to toe.”  Nixon was clear that despite her criticism she intends to participate.

Nixon was shadowed throughout her appearance by two sign-holding TWU100 members.  The TWU, which represents around 40,000 MTA workers, has endorsed Cuomo.  The signs carried at this event made that preference clear.

Nixon spent around 10 minutes on the platform, greeting people waiting for trains and popping in to trains as they sat in the station.  She was greeted with a mix of excitement and indifference, with about half of the people who spoke with her seeming to support her.

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