Lhota On The Street: Jackson Heights Edition

Today Joe Lhota walked along 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights, visiting local businesses and talking with reporters.

Municipal IDs & Drivers Licenses:

As mayor, Lhota plans to issue municipal identification cards.  Such IDs could be obtained by anyone, whether or not a citizen or legal resident, but the real purpose is to give the undocumented a form of government issued identification in order to ease many of the day-to-day difficulties of living without documentation.  Lhota goes further, proposing that his version of a municipal ID will assist the “unbanked” by including a credit/debit card function.  When asked about drivers licenses, Lhota seems to clearly support issuing them to the undocumented, although he is not actually calling for the state to do so and says that he does “not want to burden the state system”.  Lhota was replying to questions from NY1 Noticias.

Campaign Moments:

Lhota has grown more comfortable campaigning and seems to mostly enjoy it.  This brief clip features a few moments from today’s walk.