Kasich Town Hall (Updated)

Ohio Governor John Kasich drew about 100 people to a town hall meeting in Salem New Hampshire Wednesday afternoon, continuing his rising presidential primary prospects.

Town Hall:

Kasich was well-received, beginning with an engaging description of his childhood and young adulthood and moving smoothly into his time in Congress.  He has a distinct story, with substantial experience in both state and federal elected office.  (While Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal have also held state and federal office, neither’s experience matches Kasich’s.)  While virtually all of the other candidates, even those who currently serve there, attack “Washington”, Kasich touts his past success in Congress and plausibly argues that such past success demonstrates an ability to overcome Washington gridlock.  Here is Kasich’s full town hall:

Press Q&A:  Kasich spoke with the press afterwards, touting his rising poll numbers and displaying a bit of his idiosyncratic personality.  Here’s his gaggle:

IMG_4452Photo Gallery:  Our town hall photo gallery is here.