Kasich Gaggles

He came, he spoke, he gaggled.

2016 Republican presidential candidate John Kasich rolled across New Hampshire Wednesday, holding town halls in Hooksett, Henniker, New London and West Lebanon.  He spoke with the press afterwards at three of those town halls.

Each gaggle was short, with two clocking in at about three minutes and the lengthiest just about five minutes.  Although the gaggles were brief the questions were wide ranging, starting in Hooskett with “are you angry enough to win the Republican nomination” and ending ten hours later in West Lebanon with a discourse on rock and alternative music.  Other topics included raising the minimum wage, his endorsement by former senator Al D’Amato, the renaming of Mt. McKinley dropping the name of the Ohian former president, whether Kasich plans to attack his rivals, the Iran nuclear deal, whether he will seek to defund Medicaid money currently directed to Planned Parenthood, who his foreign policy advisors are and the seeming interest of Republican primary voters in candidates who have never held political office.


New London:

West Lebanon: