Grand Conspiracy

Governor Andrew Cuomo rejected, but did not expressly deny, the notion advanced by Mayor Bill de Blasio that Cuomo is behind the current investigations of de Blasio’s 2014 senate campaign fundraising efforts.  de Blasio has pointed to the efforts by a longtime Cuomo staffer, now in a specially created post at the state Board of Elections, at fomenting the investigations as driven by Cuomo.

Cuomo did not directly deny having any role in having the mayor and his fundraising investigated, instead saying that “[t]he only thing I know about the investigations on the mayor is what I read about in the newspaper.”  Going on to say that if there is a “grand conspiracy” against the mayor the U.S. Attorney, the Manhattan District Attorney and the New York Attorney General are all part of that “grand conspiracy” as they are each investigating the mayor’s fundraising.

Cuomo was responding to NBC 4’s Andrew Siff during a Manhattan press conference.