Dietl Press Conference #3

Mayoral candidate Bo Dietl held his third press conference Thursday, appearing outside Governor Andrew Cuomo’s New York City office.  The press conference featured Dietl reading a letter to Governor Cuomo in which Dietl urged Cuomo to initiate a NYS Board of Elections investigation into Mayor Bill de Blasio’s fundraising practices.  Dietl read the letter at a previous press conference, but seemingly and inexplicably hoping for more a press conference with more cameras than just’s camera, held an additional press conference for a second reading.

Dietl continued his attacks on Mayor de Blasio, with interwoven denunciations of de Blasio as lazy, corrupt and from Boston.  Dietl touted his native-born status and his time as an NYPD detective as foundational to his qualifications for the mayoralty.


Here is the full press conference:

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