Cuomo Press Q&A: The Bed-Stuy Edition

Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke this evening at a ceremony in Bedford-Stuyvesant hosted by New York City Council Member Robert Cornegy.  Cornegy was joined by other Democratic Brooklyn elected officials, including Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and Assembly Members Annette Robinson, Latrice Walker and Diana Richardson.  Jeffries presented Cuomo with an award marking Cuomo’s Executive Order 147, which appointed the attorney general as a special prosecutor in all cases of police killing unarmed civilians.

Afterwards Governor Cuomo and the other elected officials walked to a nearby Foodtown which was holding a grand re-opening.  After a brief walkthrough and a ribbon-cutting ceremony Governor Cuomo spoke with the press just outside of Foodtown.

Cuomo began with a brief description of meeting the owner of this Foodtown at another store he owns located in Margaretville, New York during the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene and a question on Cuomo does his own grocery shopping.  Other question topics included whether the issuance of addenda to his Executive Order 147 signals a modification of how the cases will be reviewed and addressed, the status of an expected executive order mandating that 16 and 17 year olds held in New York State prisons be moved out of adult prisons, the latest on Hurricane Joaquin preparations, whether he’s yet selected races to focus on in the 2016 elections, whether he intends to declare a state of emergency related to Hurricane Joaquin and whether any arrests have been made in the killing Carey Gabay.

Here’s his full Q&A: