Cuomo Lets Loose On Immigration

National Immigrant Integration Conference 12-14-15Governor Andrew Cuomo today emotionally supported the continuing importance and value of immigration, harshly attacking those would want to severely limit it.  Speaking at the National Immigrant Integration Conference in Downtown Brooklyn, Cuomo cast this presidential campaign season as a “critical time” that will “shape the soul … and the character of this country.”

While expressing some empathy for Americans’ economic and security fears, he harshly criticized politicians who respond to those fears by seeking to exclude entire nationalities from the U.S.  While that most notably is Donald Trump, it also covers much of the Republican presidential field.

National Immigrant Integration Conference 12-14-15


It was vintage Cuomo, beginning with a mention of his Italian immigrant grandparents and their experience, then covering a variety of state government and political initiatives on education, minimum wage, M/WBE contracting and undocumented worker protections and concluding with a fierce declaration of support for diversity and the integral role of immigrants in seeking and sustaining the “American Dream.”

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