Cuomo and a Justice Agenda (Updated)

Governor Andrew Cuomo continued his recent spate of campaign appearances, speaking to the United Missionary Baptist Association this evening.  While he touted accomplishments and statistics that he uses in virtually all of his speeches, such as the state budget and finances and the number of new jobs created during his term and now existing in the state, he added many other topics revolving around the notion of “government as a vehicle for justice”, saying that “I want to develop the justice agenda” for his second term.  Such a justice agenda would operate on the principle that “government has an obligation to affirmatively attack the injustice” that exists.

Cuomo described New York’s education system as reflecting the reality that it’s “not a just society,” with a tale of “two education systems .. it’s a rich school system and a poor school system.”  Praising predecessor David Paterson’s efforts on expanding state contracting directed to M/WBE businesses, Cuomo touted his meeting and expanding on Paterson’s goals.  Proposals for a second term included a “minority job voucher program” and a “faith based office in the state government … to provide resources” to ” faith based organizations.”

Here is his full speech: