Chill Kasich

It’s all about the attention.  That was Republican presidential candidate John Kasich’s response when asked today about the rising crowds attending his campaign events.


Kasich avoided both his audience and the press following his “Two Paths” speech in midtown this morning, walking immediately offstage as he concluded and then departing through a side exit.  Handshakes with some cops and a quick selfie were Kasich’s only distractions as he made it into his car.  As others traveling with him loaded in the window suddenly rolled down to a “hey, it’s Halperin.”  Kasich and Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin chatted for a bit, with some pleasantries and a couple of questions.   Kasich credited increased attention with growing crowds at his events.  Although he’s increasingly better known, he’s not quite to the level where people know how to pronounce his name Kasich chuckled.  When asked where he stands on actually becoming the Republican nominee Kasich replied with a light smile “I’m sitting right now” and rolled up the window as his car eased out onto a rain-soaked 51st Street.