Bill & Bernie

Mayor Bill de Blasio and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders rode the subway today, with riders in a packed but welcoming car calling out support for Sanders.  Their destination was a press conference at the Fulton Street station voicing support for a “fair fares” initiative.  They also appeared together tonight at a de Blasio campaign rally.

Surrounded by 20 or more reporters, photographers and videographers de Blasio and Sanders rolled onto Penn Station’s downtown A track around 11:00.  Their luck was ok but not great, as  trains were running but they had to wait more than 10 minutes in close quarters with the press pack and other riders.  It was a friendly crowd, however, with shouts of support for Sanders and some photos with fans.  Two men provided a musical interlude, singing and playing guitar for the two Democratic pals.

The subway car, fairly full as it pulled into the station, was packed as the press and security swarm piled in.  It was a friendly reception on the ride, as shouts of “Welcome to the A train Bernie” “Hey Bernie” and cheers greeted Sanders and a festive feeling spread among the riders.  Some “Trump must go” and “Lock up Trump” chants drew  smiles and chuckles, as riders engaged a bit with the two politicians and each other on an unusual ride.  The fun came to an end as Fulton Street rolled into view , with de Blasio and Sanders getting off and heading to their press conference

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