Astorino v. HUD & Cuomo

For a second day Rob Astorino continued castigating Andrew Cuomo for his comments supporting the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in it’s continuing dispute with Westchester County, holding a press conference at New Castle’s Town Hall.  Cuomo lives in the Mt. Kisco section of New Castle.


I asked Astorino about the role of Astorino’s predecessor Andy Spano and Spano’s then-deputy Larry Schwartz in the HUD/Westechester County settlement that is now at issue.  Spano was Westchester County Executive from 1998 through 2009 and Schwartz was his deputy for most of his tenure.  Both now work in the Cuomo administration, Spano as a commissioner on the Board of Elections and Schwartz as secretary to the governor.

Astorino Statement:

Here is Astorino’s full statement, which begins with the statement that “Andrew Cuomo thinks Hillary Clinton’s town is racially discriminatory.”


I asked Astorino about his relationship, if any, with the Rev. Al Sharpton.  Sharpton, feted by Governor Cuomo and many other elected officials last night, is closely allied with the Obama administration.  He remains a polarizing figure to many, however, although some Republican candidates and officials readily engage with him.  In a March sermon in Mount Vernon Sharpton called for Astorino to comply with HUD’s demands.