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Quinn Press Conference (Updated)

Today City Council Speaker Christine Quinn answered questions concerning her future and the mayoral race.  She spoke at a City Hall press conference announcing city council bills concerning the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and an organic waste composting pilot program.  After discussing the primary topics, Quinn took questions about the mayoral race for about 5 minutes.  She appeared tired, with an element of loss apparent, but kept a smile going throughout.  She was most animated in responding to a question premised on the notion that New York is “apparently incapable of electing a woman mayor.”  She disputed the premise and spoke excitedly of the day when that will happen.

Legislative Priority for Remainder of Term?:

I asked Speaker Quinn whether she has a legislative priority for her remaining time as speaker.

Update – Extended Clip:

Here is the portion of the press conference in which Speaker Quinn discusses the mayor’s race.  It runs about 5 minutes.

Lhota Visits Chabad-Lubavitch (Updated x 2)

This morning Joe Lhota visited the Rebbe’s Ohel, the gravesite of Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, in Cambria Heights.  He spoke with the press afterwards at the adjacent Ohel Chabad-Lubavitch Center.

Update #2 – Full Press Availability:

Here is Joe Lhota’s full press availability.

Update – Lhota re: a de Blasio Administration:

Joe Lhota was asked what the future would be like under a de Blasio administration.

Honey Cake:

Here’s a brief clip in which Lhota receives a traditional gift of honey cake.  This campaign honey cake moment proceeded much more smoothly than the infamous Anthony Weiner honey cake episode.

Anthony Weiner Runs Through McDonald’s

Anthony Weiner could not, in the end, escape his past.  As his supporters waited inside at a primary election party, Weiner’s one-time sexting partner waited on the street hoping to confront him.  His staff arranged a sneak entrance, devising a route which took him through a McDonald’s two doors up the street and into a freight elevator shared by the McDonald’s and the party venue.  It was a poor end to what had been in many ways, despite a low vote total, a well-done campaign.

Spitzer Speaks, Splits

Eliot Spitzer voted this afternoon in a prototypical Spitzer event: arrive on-time, take care of the business at hand expeditiously and move on.  He arrived right on time at his polling place, Manhattan’s P.S. 6, went inside, voted and came out.  Total time from arriving at the school steps to back in the car, including a 1/2 block walk?  About 7 minutes.  That includes just over 1 minute talking to the press.  You can watch that 1 minute press availability right here.

The only glitch?  A reporter, from the New York Post I believe, wanted to ask “where is your wife?”  Here’s what happened.

Weiner Votes As Campaign Concludes

We have video from Anthony Weiner’s visit to his polling place.  Accompanied by his young son, Weiner discussed the campaign as reporters and photographers came along for what is virtually certain to be the last day of his mayoral campaign.  It was vintage Weiner: steady on his standard talking points, open to questions and giving a few flashes of humor, all while projecting a fairly positive attitude despite the likely election results.

Salgado Sounds Off

Mayoral candidate Erick Salgado held a rally on the steps of City Hall today together with  Adolfo Carrion, a Democrat now running for mayor on the Independence Party line in November’s general election.  Together, Salgado and Carrion called for latino Democratic voters to vote for Salgado in tomorrow’s primary.  Salgado addressed what he views as racist exclusionary tactics deployed against him during the race.  He also weighed in on Michael Bloomberg’s recent characterization of Bill de Blasio’s campaign as “racist.”

Republican Mayoral Debate One on One: JoLho v. JCats (Updated)

Republican mayoral candidates Joe Lhota and John Catsimatidis participated in a televised debate today, hosted by WNBC-TV and co-sponsored by NBC 4 New York, The Wall Street Journal and Telemundo Nueva York.  It was a friction-filled face-off, with the candidates down to the last 48 hours of the campaign.

We have video from the candidates’ post-debate media availabilities.

John Catsimatidis:

Joe Lhota:

Joe Lhota & Rudy Giuliani: