Cats Clatch (Updated)

John Catsimatidis was endorsed today by the New York Veteran Police Association.  Catsimatidis discussed many campaign topics at a press conference announcing the endorsement.

At the press conference, Courtney Gross of NY1 asked Catsimatidis about the news that David Koch  and his wife Julia have contributed $290,000 to a PAC supporting Joe Lhota.  (David Koch (pronounced “Coke”), and his brother Charles, are major funders of right-wing political groups.)  Here’s how Catsimatidis responded.

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Democrats Debate (Updated)

Five Democratic mayoral candidates met for their final televised debate Tuesday evening.  The candidates grappled with each other in a verbal free for all, pushing toward a primary now only six days away.  (The full debate is available here.)

Anthony Weiner’s post-debate comments to the press were a masterpiece, highlighting what made him a viable and, briefly, frontrunning candidate.  He was funny and engaging, humorously eviscerating his opponents while remaining on message that he is a “candidate of ideas.”  His full comments, which run just under 3 minutes, are worth a watch.

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Lhota on the Street (Updated)

The most recent John Catsimatidis TV ad is premised on the notion that Rudy Giuliani was a nice, easy going guy, and essentially faults Lhota for not being a good guy like his former boss.  In the ad, Not Even Close, an actor says “Rudy would never do that” in response to a statement that Lhota “taunted a senior” (an MTA board member and attorney).  Rudy Giuliani was many things, including a successful and important mayor, but one of the things that Giuliani was is captured by the title of Ed Koch’s book, Giuliani, Nasty Man.  Lhota certainly has his imperfections, but faulting him for not measuring up to a fictionalized version of his former boss is silly, even inane.

We asked Lhota about the ad, as Lhota campaigned on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Update – Direct Mail:

We also asked Lhota for his reaction to Catsimatidis’s extensive direct mail effort.  Spoiler alert:  he doesn’t like it, but …

Note:  We subsequently asked Catsimatidis about his ad and direct mail.

West Indian American Day Parade

Monday’s West Indian American Day Parade included appearances by many elected officials and candidates.  Here are some brief moments with a few of those attending.

Weiner’s Parade Performance

Anthony Weiner loves a parade.  Every parade.  Especially those with loud dance music.  (Here’s a past parade worth watching.)

And for those of you who just want to see Anthony Weiner dance, well, you’re welcome.

Will Schumer Endorse?

We asked Senator Chuck Schumer whether he plans to endorse any candidate in next week’s Democratic mayoral primary.

Spitzer on Polls

We asked comptroller candidate Eliot Spitzer what he thinks about the recent wide swings in public polls on the race.