Ted Cruz Q&A

Senator Ted Cruz wrapped up his appearance at the New Hampshire Republican “Leadership Summit” by discussing his opposition to Loretta Lynch’s nomination as U.S. Attorney General and to holding a vote on her nomination, his views on federal marijuana policy and whether he thinks “it’s time for a woman president.”

Cruz opposes Lynch’s nomination and also opposes holding a vote on her nomination.  It’s been an effective strategy, leaving a lame-duck Eric Holder in place as AG and markedly shortening the time Lynch will have in office if and when she’s confirmed.  With five months having passed since President Obama announced her selection, her possible time in office has shrunk significantly as the January 2017 end of the Obama administration looms ever larger.  Refusing to hold a Senate vote on presidential nominees is a strategy that Cruz may come to hold a different view of, however, should he become president.

Cruz also discussed why he opposes a Justice Department policy of not prosecuting low level marijuana offenses but accepts individual states legalizing the use of marijuana.  Finally, he responded to a question of whether “it’s time for a woman president.”  Echoing arguments made by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, he attacked Obama and Hillary Clinton over rising income inequality.

Cruz, a declared candidate for president, spoke with the press following his speech Saturday at a New Hampshire Republican party presidential candidate conference in Nashua.