Spitzer Media Madness (Updated x 3)

Today in Manhattan’s Union Square Park, Eliot Spitzer made his first public appearance as a comptroller candidate.  It was a media frenzy, with dozens of reporters and photographers surrounding him, repeatedly cycling through mostly similar questions as he sweltered in 90 degree heat.

Update #3 – A Prediction:

Eliot Spitzer made a prediction on Monday which, as of Friday, has not come true.

Update #2 – Governor or Attorney General?:

Among the many questions surrounding Eliot Spitzer’s late-launching campaign for comptroller is who the public views him as – former governor Spitzer, or former attorney general Spitzer?  Spitzer showed a clear preference yesterday.

Lots more video after the jump …


Update #1 – The Full Cut:

Here is my full, unedited video of Spitzer’s appearance.  It runs about 51 minutes. The sound quality varies significantly, both as a heckler in the early portion comes through more clearly than Spitzer and as Spitzer moves around.  His primary heckler, who in turn has bystanders urging him to leave, fades away after about 10 minutes.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be posting additional shorter pieces focused on some specific moments.

We’ll be posting extended coverage of his appearance, but here is a very brief clip to start.  After Spitzer spent 30+ minutes answering media questions, he began moving and sought out “regular” people.  This clip captures his brief encounter with one such person.  While the “regular” man’s comment is not remotely like what the campaign would script, it does capture a sentiment that his campaign will need in order to succeed.

Added Link:  Here is a link to my observations on Spitzer’s candidacy, Reflections of a Spitzer Survivor.