So Close, So Far

A few feet and widely differing world views separated pro- and anti-NYPD demonstrators Friday evening.  Gathering just down from City Hall on Broadway, about 50-75 NYPD supporters drew substantial media attention and about 100 counter-demonstrators.  The evening consisted mostly of the two groups shouting at each other as on-duty NYPD officers calmly kept the peace.

As has been true of most of the recent demonstrations, elected officials were not involved.  The only elected official I spotted was Assembly Member Jose Rivera, who circulated among the crowd watching and, as always, recording video.  At least two mayoral aides were also there observing.

The pro-NYPD group was at first outnumbered.  Many of the counter-demonstrators joined a march that passed by, however, and the group standing on Broadway shrank.  The emotions did not diminish.

Here’s a look at the evening: