Slugfest at St. Luke’s (Updated x 2)

The three Democratic candidates in the 13th Congressional slugged it out tonight in a debate sponsored by the Urban Justice Center Safety Net Project and hosted by St. Luke A.M.E. Church.

Opening Statements:

Here is Congressman Rangel’s unusual opening.

Update – Post-Debate Media Avails:

Following the debate, all three candidates spoke separately with the press.


Senator Espaillat began with criticism of Congressman Rangel’s opening statement and concluded with a comment about their personal interactions. ¬†With a small twist at the end.


Congressman Rangel addressed whether he’s been “far more aggressive in this debate than [he] was before.”


Rev. Walrond began with the observation that the other candidates take him much more seriously than they did early in the race.

(The full debate video follows after the jump.)

Update #2 – Full Debate:

Here, in all it’s glory, is the full debate:

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