Sharpton Press Conference (Updated)

The Rev. Al Sharpton dismissively derided as misleading and old news a New York Times story detailing the tax troubles of Sharpton and his National Action Network.  Speaking at a news conference at NAN’s House of Justice on 145th Street, Sharpton suggested that the focus on tax debts that are several years old was politically driven and related to his support for and from President Obama and Mayor de Blasio.


Although Sharpton spent 30 minutes talking with reporters, he brought the press conference to an abrupt end.  The final question was whether he is still negotiating with the federal government over the amount of his tax debt.  Here’s how it ended:

Update – I Do Not Curl My Brain:

Rev. Sharpton gave a memorable quote when he dismissively suggested that the recent Times story and media focus on his tax debts is driven by Rachel Noerdlinger’s woes.

Update #2 – Statement on Back Taxes:

Here is Sharpton’s opening statement on his delinquent tax obligations.

His opening statement also addressed the pending grand jury decisions in the Michael Brown/Ferguson and Eric Garner/Staten Island cases – that portion of his opening statement is here.