Quinn Press Conference (Updated)

Today City Council Speaker Christine Quinn answered questions concerning her future and the mayoral race.  She spoke at a City Hall press conference announcing city council bills concerning the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and an organic waste composting pilot program.  After discussing the primary topics, Quinn took questions about the mayoral race for about 5 minutes.  She appeared tired, with an element of loss apparent, but kept a smile going throughout.  She was most animated in responding to a question premised on the notion that New York is “apparently incapable of electing a woman mayor.”  She disputed the premise and spoke excitedly of the day when that will happen.

Legislative Priority for Remainder of Term?:

I asked Speaker Quinn whether she has a legislative priority for her remaining time as speaker.

Update – Extended Clip:

Here is the portion of the press conference in which Speaker Quinn discusses the mayor’s race.  It runs about 5 minutes.