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Republican mayoral candidate Paul Massey came to Staten Island this afternoon to offer a Staten Island-centric criticism of Mayor de Blasio’s plan for a new Citywide ferry system.  The new system, which will begin partial operation next month, does not include Staten Island.  It’s wholly separate from the existing Staten Island ferry, which runs a single route between the Battery and St. George, and is planned to run broadly along the waterfront of the other four boroughs.  Massey spoke at the waterfront in Stapleton, with the harbor and lower Manhattan spread out behind him as he demanded that Staten Island be added to the new system.

Massey drew a larger press contingent than his prior Staten Island press conference, with the City Hall press corps settled in about two miles away for Mayor de Blasio’s Staten Island week.  He’s improving on his knowledge of New York City government, but still reluctant or unable to talk in much detail.

Responding to my questions Massey said that he otherwise thinks that the mayor’s plan is a good plan and he declined to address what the right pricing will be for the new ferry system.  Like all New York public transportation it will be subsidized by taxpayers.  Massey also rejected the premise of a question on the fairness of the Staten Island ferry being free of charge.

Here’s what Massey had to say:

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Here is Massey’s full press conference:

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