Massey Money?

Plenty.  That sums up Republican mayoral candidate Paul Massey’s response when asked how much of his own money he’ll put into his campaign.  He’s already put a substantial amount of his own money in, but wouldn’t give any commitment or specificity on how much he’ll put in when I asked.

In his first campaign finance report, filed in mid-January, Massey reported significant fundraising of $1.6 million.  He also reported spending $1.9 million, producing a net deficit of $300,000 before accounting for his personal loans to his campaign of $1.27 million.   Absent a dramatic change in his already strong fundraising or in spending, Massey will need to continue providing significant personal funding for his campaign.  Massey, who has previously said that he’s unable to fully fund his campaign, would only say “[w]e will never lack for resources.”

Here’s our exchange: