Malliotakis On Bronx-Massey Endorsement

The Bronx Republican Party endorsed Paul Massey for mayor last night.   Bronx Republican Chairman Mike Rendino, a retired FDNY firefighter, said that the aftermath of the Manchester bombing inspired him to choose Paul Massey over Nicole Malliotakis.  Massey created and operated a commercial real estate brokerage business, but was never a first responder not involved in emergency management or government.

Mallitoakis dismissed that notion today, saying “it doesn’t really make a connection” and criticizing Massey for planning to attend the Puerto Rican Day Parade.  (The parade will honor Oscar Lopez Rivera, a member of the FALN who served 35 years in federal prison.)   Malliotakis described herself as supported by police unions, but didn’t offer any more direct criticism of Rendino’s choice.

Here’s what Malliotakis had to say today in Arrochar:

For background, here’s what Bronx Chairman Rendino had to say at last night’s endorsement press conference: