Malliotakis On 116th

Republican/Conservative mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis returned to East Harlem Friday morning, walking a few blocks on 116th Street and visiting a senior center.  She received a warm welcome from the few seniors present at the center and from the staff, but her walk was mostly walking.  Malliotakis called out hello to people as she walked across a lightly populated 116th Street, with a few  stopping to shake hands or take a palm card, others simply continued on their way.

More significantly for Malliotakis was drawing a good level of press interest, particularly from TV stations.  The nearness of election day combined with the unsavory testimony concerning Mayor de Blasio in the Seabrook corruption trial energized TV coverage of her campaign, with at least three network affiliates catching a portion of her visit.  With only eleven days to election day, distantly trailing de Blasio in opinion polls and at a financial disadvantage Malliotakis desperately needs both press attention and public interest.  Friday morning brought stirrings of both.

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