He’s A Candidate – Walker Files (Updated)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker today filed his formal “Statement of Candidacy” with the Federal Election Commission.  Although Walker made an announcement speech on July 13th and had separately created his campaign committee on July 2nd, he did not appear to have filed the “Form 2 – Statement of Candidacy” that candidates are required to file within 15 days of becoming a candidate.

In a review this week of the 17 “major” Republican candidates’ Form 2s, I noted that the FEC website contained 16 such forms, but none for Walker.  In an initial response the Walker campaign responded that they had filed a letter in lieu of the actual form.  From my reading of the relevant statue that’s permitted for candidates who do not expect to raise or spend more than $50,000, criteria that Walker did not meet.  (The FEC website did not include an image of any such letter filed by Walker.)

The FEC website now includes a Scott Walker Form 2 – Statement of Candidacy dated today, August 5, 2015.