Dietl’s Closing Money

As we’ve reported independent mayoral candidate Bo Dietl’s fundraising has dramatically slowed in the past two months, with Dietl reporting $163,000 on hand as of October 2nd.  He loaned his campaign $100,000 in July and has often said he’s prepared to put more of his own money into his campaign.

He wouldn’t commit to a particular amount today, although it seems clear he’ll put an equivalent or greater amount in to fund $100,000 of TV ads that he said will air next week, saying “that’s gonna be from my little pockets and we got a lot more cash where that comes from, too.”  He also criticized rival candidates Bill de Blasio and Nicole Malliotakis for accepting taxpayer money via the City’s campaign finance matching funds program.  He tossed in a little shade at Malliotakis’ recent ad featuring a disembodied hand flicking a lighter and rolled into his conclusion by declaring that Mayor de Blasio is “sleazatatious,” all without declaring what amount he’s prepared to into his campaign.

Here’s our exchange: