Dietl On Ending His Wilson-Pakula Bid

Mayoral candidate Bo Dietl says that his most recent effort at getting on the Republican primary ballot was squashed by New York State Republican Chairman Ed Cox and Manhattan Republican Chairwoman Adele Malpass.

Dietl had recently renewed his effort at obtaining  a Wilson-Pakula, with a surprising successful step Monday night as he received the Queens County Republican Committee’s endorsement.  Obtaining a Wilson-Pakula requires a majority vote of the five New York City Republican county committees, so he still had a long way to go but Dietl’s Queens endorsement reenergized his effort.  Bronx County, which like Queens had initially endorsed Paul Massey and was now without a candidate, appeared likely to also support Dietl.  Dietl abruptly announced yesterday that he was ending his effort at obtaining a Wilson-Pakula, and would not seek to run in the Republican primary.

I spoke with Dietl today about his decision, with Dietl asserting that Cox and Malpass pressured Bronx Republican Chairman Mike Rendino to not support Dietl.  Without Bronx GOP support Dietl had virtually no chance.  According to Dietl, he was confident enough of his chances that he planned to host a meeting this coming Monday with the five Republican county executive committees, seeking a vote on his Wilson-Pakula.

We spoke today on Arthur Avenue, just ahead of Dietl’s walking tour with actor Chazz Palminteri.