de Blasio Press Q&A: The Salvation Army Center Edition (Updated)

This afternoon Mayor Bill de Blasio visited a Salvation Army center on Harlem’s 125th Street, meeting with¬†people displaced by the East Harlem building explosion. ¬†Following his visit he held a lengthy press conference on the street in front of the Salvation Army center.

We’ll start with a quick look at his departure, and the fan who gave him a departing boost.

Update – Full Q&A:

Among the questions asked by the press: whether the city is working with Mexican government officials to encourage any eligible Mexican nationals to register with the city for assistance, whether all victims have been located and identified, what is the biggest remaining challenge at the site, whether there are continuing concerns of gas leaking at the site, whether there is any evidence of illegal gas connections in the basements of the destroyed buildings, what damage or evidence the FDNY will look for, the number of people needing housing assistance, whether any victims asked about the investigation when meeting with the mayor, the number and location of apartments being made available by REBNY to temporarily house victims, what the mayor would say to any employer not granting time off to a victim and whether the mayor is concerned about the pace of gas main replacements.

Here is the full Q&A: